AutoCAD® slide library files

AutoCAD® slide library files are used for making slide shows with AutoCAD® and for some preview functions in specific AutoCAD® dialogs, such as the hatch pattern dialog, in AutoCAD® versions older than AutoCAD® 2000. Furthermore you could like to incorporate support for slide files into your own programs. Firstly, create some slide files and then merge them to a slide library file. To merge a slide file (*.SLD) into a slide library file (*.SLB), you have several options:

Use my tool, named Slide Library Manager (A link to my program will be here when uploaded.
It needs to be rewritten!)
Find other (commercial) tools in the internet.

Here is the description of the general format of a slide library (AutoCAD® Release 9 and later):

general file format description
32 bytes . . . "AutoCAD Slide Library 1.0" CR LF ^Z NUL NUL NUL NUL
36 bytes . . . one or more slide directory entries
variable length . . . one or more slides

Slide directory entries have the following format:

32 bytes . . . a NUL terminated slide name
4 bytes . . . the address of the slide within the library

The slide address is always written with the low-order byte first. Each slide to which the directory points is a complete slide file as described in this section. The end of the slide directory is signified by an entry with a null slide name (first byte is NUL).

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