TVirtualMachines screenshots

Here you'll see some screenshots of the TVirtualMachines component used in a sample application which can also be downloaded on the main page:

inside VMWare:
TVirtualMachines inside VMWare

running inside VMWare,
the version found is VMWare Workstation

TVirtualMachines inside VMWare   (55.797 bytes)

inside Microsoft VirtualPC:
TVirtualMachines inside VirtualPC

running inside VirtualPC

TVirtualMachines inside Microsoft VirtualPC   (36.943 bytes)

inside Sun VirtualBox:
TVirtualMachines inside VirtualBox

running inside VirtualBox

TVirtualMachines inside Sun VirtualBox   (34.762 bytes)

on Linux with Wine:
TVirtualMachines with Wine

running inside VMWare on Mandriva with Wine.
what would be another simple way to test??

TVirtualMachines inside VMWare with Wine   (54.076 bytes)

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