TWindowsVersion screenshots

Here you'll see some screenshots of the TWindowsVersion component used in a sample application:

NT 4.0 Terminal Server:
TWindowsVersion and NT 4.0 TS

Windows NT 4.0
Terminal Server

TWindowsVersion on Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server   (22.170 bytes)

Windows 2000 Professional:
TWindowsVersion and Windows 2000 Professional

Windows 2000

TWindowsVersion on Windows 2000 Professional   (20.837 bytes)

Windows XP MCE:
TWindowsVersion and Windows XP Media Center Edition

Windows XP
Media Center Edition

TWindowsVersion on Windows XP MCE   (21.056 bytes)

Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit:
TWindowsVersion and Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit

Windows Vista
Ultimate Edition, 32bit

TWindowsVersion on Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit   (31.481 bytes)

Windows Web Server 2008, 32bit, expired license:
TWindowsVersion and Windows Server 2008 32bit

TWindowsVersion on Windows Server 2008, 32bit   (21.138 bytes)

Windows 7 Ultimate, 32bit:
TWindowsVersion and Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

Windows 7 Ultimate,
32 bit,
Release Candidate

TWindowsVersion on Windows 7 Ultimate, 32bit   (212.405 bytes)

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