About this site

This site exists to show some little interesting development and customization things for those who are interested in. You'll surely find this site's topic on other sites too, but they should be described very simple here. So you'll hopefully understand them also if you're not a pro.

PS-Soft is not really a company, label or somthing like this. I'm a hobby programmer since (I don't know exactly anymore, I think) 1994, and developed lots of different tools with some friends. And as you know when you're younger, it's simply very cooool to publish software and tools using a kind of trademark or label. And so we "founded" Programming Society Software (or short: PS-Soft) to publish our stuff. After such a long period of time I'm very used to use "PS-Soft" in my program titles an that's, why PS-Soft still exists :-) . Most of our tools or programs aren't worth bringing them to the public, but still a few are. These are the ones you'll find on this site, including some useful stuff which was necessary for developing them.

PS-Soft mainly consisted in 2 persons: Thomas Gruber and Klaus Burgstaller. But after a couple of years, only a one man show is left ...

So I hope, you find something interesting for you on this site! Feel free to contact me!

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